A Ceiling and Railing Painting Project Collage

Choosing the perfect colour for the house is not easy, many of us can easily imagine their dream colours of a house but once painting and decorating projects start, excitement is gone and we realise that wall colours are too dark and bathroom wallpaper with a stripy pattern will not match the rest of decorations.

Our painters and decorators have prepared a few tips about the best interior colours and how to choose them:

1. Colours You Like

Before you will start choosing perfect colours for your house, you should think of any colours you really like and which you don’t. As an inspiration you can check your wardrobe and furniture. You should consider the colours which you can’t imagine are suitable for your house as well as decide if you prefer warmer or cooler shades. It doesn’t matter if you love industrial simplistic style with white walls and just little decorative accents or if you prefer bold colours to energise your house. It is all up to your personal taste and you should ensure that you will feel comfortable and cosy in your newly painted house.

2. Get Testers First

Instead of buying a few buckets of paint and a large number of wallpaper rolls, go to the store and buy a few testers instead. This is an important step in choosing the best interior colours as a slight shade or pattern difference might bring a completely different outcome on your walls. It might be worth painting a piece of wall in various places and letting it dry, so you will be able to better imagine what the entire room will look like in the future.

3. Consider Lighting

Natural light is a very important aspect when choosing perfect colours for the house. If you have small windows or light is not coming directly into your rooms you should resign from cool & dark shades as it will make your room even darker and cooler. Additionally, depending on which way your room is facing, wall colours will get a different effect.

North facing rooms will receive a cooler & blue effect. In that case, it is not recommended to use cool shades and to add some colour to the room you should consider yellow and pink shades of paint instead.

South-facing rooms will get warm light. If your room is facing south you should consider cooler shades of paint as they will be naturally warmed up. You should keep in mind that most of the colours will look a bit more yellow than on the paint charts.

East facing rooms are usually bright in the mornings and darker & cooler in the evenings. For this type of room, you might want to consider pale neutral shades with a blue and green hint in it. At the same time, bold colours would be a great alternative for those who want to make the most of the morning.

West-facing rooms are usually cooler and darker in the mornings and bright with warm accents in the evening. For west-facing rooms you should follow the same rules as east-facing rooms.

4. Think About Your Furniture

It is easy to plan the colours of walls but did you consider furniture already gathered in your house? Will the fluffy green rug from your living room match the pastel pink walls? Will your cushions and sofa covered in fabric with polka dot pattern match stripy wallpaper? Consider your existing furniture and use your current decoration as an inspiration, remember that repainting your house is cheaper than changing all your furniture.

Unless you are making a house makeover which includes furniture exchange, you should strongly consider all the features of the room before painting.

5. Consider Various Sheens 

There are many types of paint finish, from matt finish without any shine to Hi-Gloss Enamel which is extremely shiny and gives an almost glass-like finish. Our painters decided to breakdown the list of sheens and explanation below:

Flat Matt (Ultra Flat Finish): This type of finish is ultra-flat and does not contain any shine. We would recommend the usage of this velvety emulsion to most living rooms, bedrooms and ceiling.

Matt Emulsion: Is very smooth and velvety. This type of finish will be a great choice for walls with imperfections.

Satin & Silk: Those mid-sheen finishes will be a great choice if you have a busy home and children, as it is extremely easy to wipe them without damaging the paint coat. The satin coat will be a great choice for rooms with a high volume of moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens. The disadvantage of silk & satin type of paint is that on less perfect walls, all the bumps and lumps will be highlighted.

Eggshell Emulsion: Is less shiny than Satin and Silk emulsions and walls once painted remind the surface of an eggshell. This type of paint finish is highly recommended for busier house areas such as living rooms.

Gloss: provides a very shiny finish. To get a perfect gloss finish, your walls should be spotless. This type of finish will look great in contrast with the ultra-flat finish.

6. Looks For Additional Inspiration

If you need some extra inspiration it is always good to search through social media and the internet for some ideas, but you should use these sources carefully. Most of the time you will get inspirational images and renders but they are mostly related to current trends.

Choosing colour based on the current trends might be extremely risky, as the colours, in fact, might not be suitable for you, and after a few months, you will no longer want to come over and relax in your living room.

Secondly, your newly painted kitchen or bedroom will no longer be trendy next season, you will feel the space is outdated and needs another repaint.

7. Do not compromise on colours

If you have in mind a perfect colour for the house, but you cannot find it on shelves in any of the shops. Do not give up. Many places now offer bespoke mixing services. Dulux is a partner of P Webb Decs, and will happily offer you a vast range of paint mixing services.

Our painters & decorators always suggest not to compromise on colours, shades and finishes, as most likely you will feel disappointed once walls are newly decorated.

8. Consider the Size of Your Room

A very important aspect is the size of your house and rooms in general. If you have a small room, it is not recommended to use dark shades as it will make your rooms look even smaller and you might feel cramped inside. It is better to stick to cool shades which will give the room a spacious feel.

9. Ask Domestic Painters & Decorators for additional help

At P Webb Decs, we understand you might feel confused with all types of paints and finish types. We also understand that choosing the perfect colour for a house might be difficult if you don’t know much about the colour wheel and matching colours.

Our experienced team of painters and decorators can help you with choosing the best interior colours which will meet your expectations. We always take into consideration all your needs, how often the room is used and the size and lighting of rooms.

To discuss your domestic project today, complete the contact us form or give us a call on 01908 538 00.

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